I am a freelance illustrator, living in Liverpool.

I have just completed the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at The Cambridge School of Art and my first book, The Wilful Thing, an illustrated tale inspired by Charlotte Bronte, will be published by Hikari Press in 2019.

Ordinary life and wondering about people’s experiences, preoccupies me a lot and motivates my illustrations. For as long as I can remember, I have loved drawing people. Getting into a character’s head, from fiction or history, and seeing the world through their eyes is a springboard for my own stories to emerge.

Previously, I studied English Literature and Graphic Arts and have worked as a primary teacher, arts educator and theatre maker/designer. I also work with a collective, More Than Minutes, who capture conferences and events through large scale, live drawing. All of these experiences have brought me into contact with fascinating people and stories which feed into my illustration.

Please contact me If you would like to commission illustration, workshops or discuss a creative project.